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Pregnancy Nutrition and Diet – Key to a Healthy Future

The onset of pregnancy signifies someone new coming into your life. The thought is rather exhilarating, as you start to contemplate how he or she will be like – personality, quirks, likes and dislikes. You feel excited over the bond the two of you will share, and the strong connection that the two of you will have. You start counting down the days until you can finally get to meet the being that is growing inside of you. Although you may not have complete control over how his or her personality and preferences would be like, you do have control over the baby’s health conditions at birth, and general state of wellness even after that – and this is through having the proper pregnancy nutrition and diet.In the same way that a 5-year old child’s nutritional requirements are different from a 60-year old woman’s nutritional requirements, a baby’s nutritional needs also vary throughout the different stages of pregnancy. It is essential to have regular check-ups and consultations with your doctor so you can work out the proper pregnancy nutrition and diet plan for you. There are, however, general guidelines for pregnancy nutrition and diet, which, when followed, would result to having a healthy baby:
o Taking multivitamins daily to supplement the vitamins and minerals obtained from the healthy food items you eat
o Obtaining 30 mg of iron daily
o Consuming 400 mg of folic acid daily
o Having a proper and well-balanced diet that consists of a variety of nutritious foodsBut pregnant or not, it would always be beneficial to follow a healthy nutrition and diet plan. By doing so, a woman would get used to having a healthy lifestyle while reaping the maximum benefits of proper nutrition as well. Moreover, she would not have to go through such drastic changes when undergoing a pregnancy nutrition and diet plan, and which will allow the following for the baby:
o Ensured brain development
o Ensured nervous system formation and development
o The likelihood of any defects or complications during birth is lessened
o The immune system is strengthened in order to combat any possible illnessesProviding the best possible care and nutrition for your baby while it is still in your womb through the observance of a pregnancy nutrition and diet plan would provide positive long-term effects for your baby’s health and wellness, and as for yours as well.The moment when your baby would finally be born into the world, when you would be able to hear his or her first cry, and would be able to see his or her features, would be nothing but magical. It would be devastatingly heartbreaking, then, if you would suddenly learn that your baby is doing poorly in terms of health just because he or she was not supplied with the proper nutrition during the pregnancy. As such, it is essential to eat right for both you and your baby during your pregnancy. At this point, food quality should be given more focus than food quantity. You must make sure not to eat too much, and to eat the types of food that would best provide the nutritional needs for your baby. A good pregnancy nutrition and diet plan suggests the following:
o Eat up to 7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables
o Limit consumption of fatty foods
o Consume whole grain food products such as whole wheat bread
o Eat lean beef and other protein sources, but do so moderatelyThe outcome of following a sensible and healthy pregnancy nutrition and diet plan is a healthy and strong child not just at birth, but for years to come.

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Fashion Design As a Career – The Truth That No One Told You

So you’ve decided that you want a career in fashion, and maybe you’re even about to enter the real world with your portfolio full of stunning fashion illustrations and a head full of hopes. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that glamorous perception of the design industry is a myth, and that vision of yourself as a famous fashion designer with your own clothing line is almost close to impossible to reach. The actual chances of that are probably the same as becoming a movie star. It doesn’t mean that you won’t become a successful fashion designer working for a company- it means that your chances of becoming the type of designer you envision yourself as are quite slim. Not only do you have to compete with the already established professional fashion designers, but nowadays throw pop singers, celebrities, and TV stars into the mix. There is a better chance that you’ll end up working for an established designer collection or as a designer for the next big celebrity’s clothing line.If this sounds like old news to you, then congratulations – you’re a step ahead of the game because you already know what you’re getting into. If what I just said comes as a total surprise, take a moment to let reality sink in – and then keep reading. In either case, we want to give you the info you need to know to prepare yourself for some of the challenges that lie ahead…In school most of your time was spent learning fashion illustration, draping, sewing, and patternmaking. While these are certainly good skills to have, they aren’t very practical when you’re trying to land your first job in the fashion industry. In the real world you’ll be expected to know how to sketch flats, create garment specs, CADs, and presentation boards.Knowing popular computer applications for creating flats and CADs is extremely important. Most companies expect proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel. Many companies also request knowledge of WebPDM. Many fashion school grads believe they know these programs well. But schools don’t teach computerized flats or the software used to create them well enough for entry-level designers to be competent within the industry.Whether you’re applying to different fashion schools, already in school, about to graduate, or already have your first job in the industry, it’s important to have an idea of where you ultimately want to end up. You might think that as a fashion designer; you’ll have the opportunity to work with all types of clothing, but you should be aware that there are different categories and specializations within the fashion industry. Have you thought about which fashion market you want to end up in? What specialization? Developing a plan of action will increase your chances of reaching your goals.When creating their first fashion portfolios, many design students and entry-level fashion designers make the mistake of filling them with all of their favorite fashion illustrations. But companies don’t need to see tons of imaginative avant-garde sketches – they just don’t sell! Following an organized portfolio format is a better approach to get your ideas across and show off all of your talents and skills, while demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of what companies expect from you.You’ll also need to create a well organized, intelligent resume to get yourself through the door. If you don’t look good on paper, recruiters won’t give you a second glance. Not only do your skills and qualifications have to impress, but you need to make sure they stand out amongst the hundreds, or thousands of other applicants for the same position.Employers know that entry-level candidates will require a lot of training to fill in those education gaps. However, they do look for a candidate that won’t be difficult to train, or take up too much training time. Someone who learns quickly and is willing to go the extra mile is a worthwhile candidate for the employer to hire. Express your interest in the company, and your flexibility and eagerness to learn and develop within the field. To really impress, make sure your have researched the market and are familiar with common industry terms so you won’t get caught off guard when they are mentioned in the interview.Despite what I said earlier, I’m sure there are still some of you who are determined to become your own designer; create your own label, design your own fashion line, runway show and all. We commend your ambitiousness and of course, we are here to help! With our advice and observations, we want to provide you with our suggested approach to make it happen. Educating yourself, knowing the business, designing for a cause you love, and promoting yourself through new avenues are all steps towards becoming the designer you’ve always envisioned!Keep in mind that the above issues are topics that deserve serious individual attention. In our upcoming articles, we’ll discuss each topic further, giving you insider tips and insight so you can sidestep the pitfalls of the industry, giving you that much-needed competitive edge and increasing your chances of getting where you want to go within the industry. Basically, we want to prepare you as much as possible, so take it from designers who have been in your shoes, and soak it up!

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